Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By commissioning me you´re agreeing to the following terms. Please read carefully. When sending me the form, you also have to say clearly, that you read the following Terms of Service.


  • All payment shall be in payed in Euro via Paypal. I will send an invoice.
  • Payment is due in full upfront for any commission equal to or below 200€.
  • For anything over 200€, payment plans are available.

General guidelines

  • Please include good visual references and a good description. The more info the better, references, colors, desired elements, facial expression, eyeshape etc. For good work, good references are needed.
  • I can draw: OCs, humanoids, portraits of real people, pets, animals, monster creatures, artistic nudity.
  • I will NOT draw: explicit sexual content, gore, realistic spiders. Also i will not draw Stuff that contains/ is:  queermisia, racist, hate speech in any form, hate symbols
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

Fill out this form!

Personal Use

Commissioned Artworks (such as Character Designs, Character Illustrations ect.) are, generally, for personal use only, and cannot be distributed and/or reproduced for financial gain. (Look at the Copyright section for more informations.)

Commercial Use

Artworks (such as Character Designs, Character Illustrations ect.) that are planned to be used commercial will cost an aditional fee depending on use and price. You have to tell me what you plan using them for, if it’s limited ( like for example 50 postcards) or if it is unlimited. (Look at the Copyright section for more informations.)

Personal use

  • You are not allowed to change or overpaint the commissioned artwork.
  • You can use the Commission you receive only in ways that result not in future financial gain! I, as artist, keep the right to use the commission for prints in personal artbooks and to publish it ( for example: on Social media, Art related Websites or in my Portfolio).
  • If the commission shall stay private (means that you don´t want me to post it on social Media ect.), you have to tell me before i start the work. Private commissions won´t be uploaded but will cost an extra fee.
  • I do allow reposts of the final artwork on Social Media, blogs, websites ect but only with credits and as long as it’s not an direct advertisement! ( Wanting to show folx how the character looks ect. is fine).  I do not allow posts on Pinterest! I do not allow posts of the early stage sketches and WIPs.

Commercial use

The Copyright depends on how the Commission is planned to be used. In this point, arrangements can be made to transfer (parts of ) the copyright, depending on use.



Refunds and canceling